Friday, February 28, 2014

American Peony Society Report

By Dana Tretheway, President

Spring is approaching and we are most deserving of milder weather. This winter was bitterly cold and snowy for many of us. With the Polar Vortex visiting in January, many parts of the United States saw record-breaking cold temperatures and snowfall.  Hopefully, a warming trend will continue and we will all enjoy a productive peony blooming season.  In December, the Hollingsworth and Tretheway families along with many members of the American Peony Society were saddened by the lost of Lavon Hollingsworth. Mom, as I liked to call her, had become a great fan of peonies and played an important roll in the development of Hollingsworth peonies. Of all the things she did in life, such as travel and a nursing career, she so enjoyed spending the last twenty years living and working on a farm and having a wonderful and caring spouse, Don Hollingsworth.  The APS Convention in Ohio is approaching quickly.
Mike Miller and Claudia Schroer have been working hard making arrangements to ensure we have a successful and enjoyable convention. Don Smith of Newton, MA will be presenting two seminars on hybrid peonies, one of which he presented at the International Peony Forum in Luoyang, China April 2013.
I am again soliciting nominations for the Gold Medal peony to be selected at the convention.
Feel free to submit your nominations to and please include a statement as to why you believe your nomination should be the Gold Medal recipient for 2014. There are currently three
slated nominations: Brother Chuck, Cora Stubbs and Eliza Lundy (2013 Runner-up).
Wishing everyone a great growing season. Please post photos of your peony gems at the American Peony
Society Facebook page and feel free to submit photos to Adriana Feng for posting on the APS website gallery.
Hope to see some you at Kingwood Center, Mansfield, Ohio, June 6-8th!

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