Seed Exchange graine de change / Propagation


See you in 2017
Please remember to collect your seeds 
and send them to us for next years exchange

Please Note: Shipment is normally by order of arrival (your letter with payment), however for the first 10 days from release of this newsletter, I will hold all shipments and select by lottery where required. This will provide fairness to those who receive the newsletter by mail
The Seed Exchange Program is available to the general public.
 Please note that while NON-MEMBERS MAY ORDER SEEDS FROM THIS LIST, where quantities are scarce, CPS members’ orders will have priority.
Please contact me if you have any questions, e-mail me at:

The Seed Exchange Program is interested in receiving seeds of both common and uncommon peonies.  Before you dead-head your plants consider letting a few go to seed.  It is desirable to know the name of the plant from which the seed is collected, so kindly keep track of this information.  Where the name of the plant is unknown, a brief description is useful. Carpels (seed pods) should be left on the plant to ripen at least to the point where the pod starts to split.  When the carpels are nearly fully open, collect the seed.  Place seed in an open paper (not plastic) container, such as an envelope or small bag, to dry for a week or so.  If you don't do this, the seed may get moldy after being wrapped for mailing.  Lastly, place seed into small labeled envelopes and seal.  If possible wrap envelopes in bubble wrap before placing in mailing envelope.

Last year’s listing was a success with 797 seed packets being sent out to 29 buyers. Their gardens will soon be showing seedlings.  This year we are again fortunate in having our generous American friend Mr. Gregory Rockwell sending over 1000 Chinese and Japanese tree peony seeds. Our most distant donor was from British Columbia.  We now have seeds of  pedigreed crossings from three members and I encourage more members to contribute in this way. At 202, this listing is an all time record. There should be plenty of seeds to go around but order early to be more certain of getting your selection. THIS YEAR I WILL AGAIN CLOSE OFF THE EXCHANGE AT THE END OF APRIL. There are usually very few requests after that time.

Price is the same as last year $1.00 (see below) per packet, but the number of seeds varies according to how many seeds of each type were donated. As always a number of donations were in very small quantities (as that’s all the plant produced), so rather than having only one packet of 5 or 10 seeds, I distribute these in smaller quantities to spread the seed in more directions. I do try to have a minimum of 5 seeds per packet for most items where reasonably possible. Thus sometimes there are only a few packets available; these items are marked with an asterisks*; and you may only order one of each of these. Listing alternatives is advisable as I will have to substitute in many cases due to the limited supply available. NON-MEMBERS MAY ORDER SEEDS FROM THIS LIST but where quantities are scarce members’ orders will have priority.


Send your list (PLEASE WRITE BOTH ITEM NUMBER AND NAME) of requested seeds to:  Canadian Peony Society Seeds c/o Bill Wegman, 5441 Hilltop Dr. Manotick, Ontario, Canada, K4M 1G6
As stated, please list a few alternatives as supply is limited. If you would like instructions on germinating peony seed, please ask and it will be sent with your seeds. You may certainly order more than one packet of any item except those shown with an asterisk*. 


Enclose a cheque or money order payable to the Canadian Peony Society to the address listed in ORDERING. It is not advisable to send money through the mail. This year I will again accept postage stamps and Canadian Tire money on small orders.   Remember to include your mailing address. Better still PLEASE ENCLOSE A MAILING LABEL. This will save me time and avoid error.

$1.00 per packet, plus an additional $1.00 per total order to a Canadian address 
$2.00 per packet, plus $2.00 per total order to a foreign address.

For example, order 4 packets, the cost is $4+$1=$5 to a Canadian address.

Please note that phytosanitary certificates are not possible.


BHN  Blossom Hill Nursery  Peterborough  ON
BM  Blain Marchand  Osceola ON
BP Brian Porter Regina SK
BW  Bill Wegman  Manotick  ON
CM Carter Moore London ON
GR Gregory Rockwell Granger Indiana USA
HP Holly Pender-Love Trail BC
JH Joe Harvey Victoria BC
NG Nova Garside North Saanich BC
RJ  Reiner Jakubowski Waterloo ON
RP Rena Preston Pickering ON
SL Sharon Lanigan Saskatoon SK

TH Tom Harris Warkworth ON

Highlighted names are SOLD OUT

HERBACEOUS SPECIES (all are garden origin, open pollinated unless otherwise stated; packet contents as indicated).

  1.      *P.anomala [2seeds] SL single red
2.      P.caucasica [5seeds] BHN,CM single red.
3.      P.humilis [6 seeds] BHN single pink.
4.      P.kavachensis [5seeds] CM,SL single red.
 5.    P.mlokosewitchii [4seeds] BW,CM,TH single yellow
 6.    P.mlokosewitchii [6seeds] BW single pink/white/other
 7.    P.mascula ssp arietina [5seeds] BW single red
 8.   P.officinalis [5seeds] BW single magenta.
 9.  P.officinalis ‘Villosa’ [5seeds] CM single pink.
 10.  P.peregrina [5seeds]  BW,BM,CM single red
 11.  P.tenuifolia (lithofila) [4seeds] BW  single red
 12.  P.veitchii [5seeds] BW single pink

TREE PEONIES Including SPECIES (All are garden origin, open pollinated; packet contents as indicated.)

13.  P.delavayi [3seeds] BW  single coppery orange
14.  P.delavayi [3seeds] BW  single yellow.
15.  P.linyanshanii x P.linyanshanii hand pollinated [3seeds] JH single white
16.   P.ludlowii  [5seeds] NG, single yellow
17.  *P.potaninii  [3seeds] BW single coppery orange
18.   P.rockii  [6seeds] BW semi-double white
19.   P.rockii   [5seeds] BW single white
20.   P.rockii  [5seeds] BW single pink
21.   P.rockii  [5seeds] BW single purple
22.  P.rockii white x P.rockii white  hand pollinated [3seeds] JH single white
23.  P.rockii pink x P.rockii white  hand pollinated [3seeds] JH single pink
24.   American hybrid seedling Mix [5seeds] BW various.
25.  Cherry Blossoms [5seeds] GR semi-double pink.
26.   Da Zong  Zi [5seeds] GR double red/black flares.
27.   Dojean [5seeds] GR semi-double white/red flares.
28.  Ezra Pound [5seeds] GR semi-double blush white/maroon flares.
29.   *Guardian of the Monastery [3seeds] GR single lavender/purple flares.
30.  Hana Kisoi [4seeds] GR semi-double pink.
31.  Hong Lian [3seeds] GR single pink/red flares.
32.  Hua Hu Die [3seeds] GR semi-double pink/purple flares.
33.   *Kamada Fuji [2seeds] GR double lavender
34.   *Lan Jin Yu [4seeds] GR single lavender/purple flares
35.   Meikoho [5seeds] GR semi-double white/maroon flares
36.   No Name Suffruticosa [5seeds] BW single pink
37.   *Qing Long Wo Fen Chi [3seeds] GR single pink.
38.  *Shan Hu Tai [3seeds] GR double red/purple flares.
39.  *Shi Ba Hao [3seeds] GR semi-double pink/maroon flares.
40.   Shima-nishiki [5seeds] GR,BW,CM semi-double red/white
41.   Shima-nishiki seedling [5seeds] BW semi-double pink
42.   Shimane Chojuraka [5seeds] GR semi-double lavender/black flares
43.   Shin Kumagai [4seeds] GR semi-double white/red flares.
44.   *Shintenchi [3seeds] GR double pink/red flares.
45.   *Taiyo [2seeds] BW semi-double  red.
46.   Taiyo seedling [4seeds] BW semi-double pink.
47.   Xue Lian [4seeds] GR single white/purple flares.
48.  *Yae Zakura [3seeds] GR semi-double pink.
49.  *Yang Luo Boa Zhu [3seeds] GR double rose.
50.   *Yan Long Zi Zhu Pan [3seeds] GR double red.

HERBACEOUS  GARDEN  PEONIES  (Garden origin, open pollinated and of lactiflora origin unless otherwise stated; flower description is that of the pod parent.)

Adrienne Clarkson [5seeds] BM,BW,BHN single cream, hybrid 
52.  *Akashigata [3seeds] BHN,TH Japanese pink.
53.   *Alexander Woollcott [2seeds] BW semi-double red, hybrid.
54.  *Alley Cat [5seeds] BHN single  white
55.  Anemoneflora Rosea [5seeds] SL Japanese rose.
56.   Archangel [5seeds] BW single white, hybrid.
57.  Barrington Belle [5seeds] HP Japanese red.
58.   *Bernice Carr [5seeds] BHN semi-double pale pink.
59.   Betty Warner seedling #97-3 [5seeds] BP single speckled pink.
60.   Bev [5seeds] BM,RP double silvery pink .
61.   Blushing Princess [5seeds] BW semi-double light pink, hybrid
62.  *Capital Dome [4seeds] BHN double white.
63.   Carrara [4seed] BHN Japanese white
64.  * Catherine Louise [4seeds] BM  single white ,hybrid
65.  Cincinnati [5seeds] BHN double pink.
66.  *Clown [3seeds] BHN single pink.
67.  Color Magnet [6seeds] BW,BP,SL single pink, hybrid. 
68.   Dainty [5seeds] BM.TH single pink
69.   Dawn Glow [4seeds] BW,SL single ivory ,hybrid.
70.   *Dawn Pink [4seeds] BM  single pink
71.   *Detroit [3seeds] BM double red
72.  *Doreen 4seeds] BHN Japanese pink.
73.   *Do Tell [2seeds] SL Japanese light pink.
74.   *Early Glow [3seed] BM single ivory, hybrid
75.  Empress of India [4seeds] BM double white.
76.  *Evening Glow [2seeds] CM semi-double light pink.
77.  *Exotic [3seeds] RP semi-double pink.
78.  *Fiery Crater [3seeds] RP single dark red.
79.  *Fragrans [4seeds] BHN double red.
80.  Garden Lace [5seeds] BW,BHN Japanese pale pink, hybrid
81.  *Gay Paree [4seeds] BW Japanese magenta.
82.  *George Vorauer [3seeds] BHN  single  red.
83.  Gertrude Allen  [5seeds]  BW Japanese white.
84.  *Glenny Carlene [3seeds] RJ Japanese light pink , hybrid
85.  Glowing Candles [5seeds] BW Japanese pale pink.
86.  Golden Frolic [5seeds] BHN single soft pink.
87.  Golden Wings [5seeds] BW single beige-yellow, hybrid
88.  Golden Wings seedling [5seeds] BW single beige-yellow, hybrid
89.  Gold Standard [5seeds] BM,SL Japanese white
90.  Gratis [6seeds] BP single black-red
91.  Gratis Seedling [5seeds] BP single lavender.
92.  Harriet Olney [5seeds] TH single pink.
93.  *Horizon [3seeds] BHN single flesh pink.
94.  *Irene May Gilbert [4seeds] BHN  single pink.
95.  *James Pillow [4seeds] TH double light pink.
96.  *Jan Van Leeuwen [4seeds] BM Japanese white.
97.  Jappensha-Ikhu [3seeds] SL Japanese red.
98.  Jean Ericksen [5seeds] BM Japanese red
99.  John Simkins seedling mix [6seeds] CM,HP various.
100.  *Josef Halda seedling #JJH146 [1seed] CM single white.
101.  Josette [5seeds] BM Japanese pink
102.  *June Rose [4seeds] BHN double rose.
103.  *Kelway’s Bridesmaid [3seeds] BM double pink.
104.  Kickapoo [5seeds] BM  single red.
105.  Krinkled White [5 seeds] BM,RP  single white.
106.   Lemon Chiffon [4seeds] BW,TH semi-double lemon yellow, hybrid.
107.  Leto [4seeds] BM Japanese white.
108.  Lotus Queen [5seeds] BM Japanese white.
109.  *Lovebirds [3seeds] BHN single white.
110.  *M. Adam Modzelewski [4seeds] BM double velvety red.

111. *Mme Jules Dessert [3seeds] BM double white.
112.   Marie Victorin [4seeds] BM single white, hybrid
113.   *Martha Reed [2seeds] BHN double white.
114.   Martha W [6seeds] BW,BHN single pink.
115.  *Mary Contrary [4seeds] BM single warm white.
116.   Mary Pratte [5seeds] RJ,BM single pink, hybrid
117.   Maurice Menard Seedling Mix[6seeds] BM single cream/pink ,hybrid.
118   Meadow Lark [5seeds] BHN Japanese light pink.
119.  Milton Jack [5seeds] BHN,BM double rose-red.
120.  Minnie Shaylor [6seeds] TH,BW semi-double white.
121.  Minnie Shaylor Seedling [4seeds] TH single white.
122.  *Mischief [5seesd] BM single pink.
123.  Miss America [6seeds] BW,BHN,RP semi-double white
124.   Moonrise [5seeds]  BW,SL single creamy yellow, hybrid
125.   Moonstone [5seeds] BM double blush pink
126.  *Mr. Thim [4seeds] BM single red.
127.  *Mrs. Wilder Bancroft [5seeds] BM Japanese red.
128.   Muskoka [5seeds] BM Japanese red
129.   *Nellie Saylor [3seeds] BM Japanese red.
130.  *Neon [4seeds] BP Japanese pink.
131.   *Nice Gal [5seeds] BP double pink.
132.  *Nippon Beauty [3seeds] TH Japanese red.
133.  No Name Fragrant [5seeds] HP single pink.
134.  No Name Pink [5seeds] TH single pink.
135.   *Nosegay [2seeds] SL single salmon pink
136.   Orchid Annie [5seeds] BHN double light pink.
137.   Pageant [4seeds] BW single, pink, hybrid
138.   *Philippe Revoire [4seeds] BP double red.
139.   *Picotee  [3seeds] BW  single pale pink , hybrid.
140.  Pink Cameo [5seeds] TH double pale pink.
141.  Pink Dogwood Whisper [3seeds] TH single pink.
142.  *Pink Platters [2seeds] BHN semi-double pink.
143    Pink Princess [5seeds] BHN single speckled light pink.
144.  *Pink Spritzer [4seeds] BHN single green/rose/cream.
145.   Pink Vanguard [5seeds] BW, RJ semi-double pink,  hybrid.
146.   Port Royale [5seeds] BP,BHN  Japanese red.
147.  President Lincoln [5seeds] RP,BM  single red.
148.  Pride of Blasdell [5seeds] BM, TH Japanese rose-pink.
149.   Pride of Langport [5seeds] BM, TH single pink.
150.   Pico [4seeds] BM single white.
151.   *Primevere [4seeds] BM Japanese blush-white.
152.   Prosperity Maud [4seeds] BM  single apricot, hybrid.
153.   Rare China [5seeds]  BP semi-double white
154.   *Reverend H.N.Tragitt [3seeds] BM double white
155.   Roselette’s Child [5seeds] BM,RJ,BHN single blush ,hybrid.
156.   Roy Pehrson’s Best Yellow [5seeds] BHN,RJ,BW,CM  single pale yellow, hybrid.
157.   Roy Pehrson’s Best Yellow Seedling [5seeds] BM,BW single pale yellow, hybrid.
158.   Salmon Dream [2seeds] BW,CM semi-double salmon ,hybrid
159    *Santa Fe [4seeds] BM semi-double red.
160.   *Serene Pastel [2seeds] BHN double pale pink.
161.   Shaylor’s Sunburst [5seeds] BM  Japanese white.
162.  Silver Dawn F3 [5seeds] CM single white.
163.   Soft Apricot Kisses [4seeds] GR single pink, hybrid.
164.   Sonia Helene [5seeds] BW,RJ cream single, hybrid
165.   Sonia Helene seedling[5seeds] BW single red, hybrid.
166.  *Spellbinder [4seeds] BHN single white.
167.  Stardust [5seeds] RP single white.
168,  *Starlight [3seeds] CM  single white.
169.  Strawberry Wine [4seeds] BHN,SL single red.
170.   Sugar n’ Spice [4seed] RJ  single pink, hybrid
171.   Sunday Chimes [4seeds] BHN single light pink, hybrid
172.  Sunny Girl [3seeds] BHN double pale yellow.
173    The Mackinac Grand [3seeds] BW,BHN semi-double red, hybrid
174.   *The Nathans  [4seeds] BM double pink.
175.  Topika Garnet [5seeds] TH single red.
176   *Torpilleur  [5seeds]  BM Japanese rose
177.   Tranquil Dove [4seeds] BW semi-double white, hybrid
178.  *Virginia Dare [3seeds] BM single white.
179.   *Vivid Glow [3seeds] BM single salmon, hybrid
180.   Walter Mains [5seeds] BM Japanese red.
181.  White Cap [5seeds] RP Japanese red.
182.  White Wings [6seeds] HP single white.
183.   *Xue Yuan Hong Hua [2seeds] double white.
184.  *Yellow King. [3seeds] TH Japanese pale pink.

185.   Zuzu   [5seeds] BM,BW semi-double pale pink

The following are controlled crosses or seedlings from controlled crosses of members’ breeding programs. The descriptions are a best guess what to expect from the seeds.
186.  *Seedling 806-03 ‘Sunny Girl’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’ [3seeds]  BM double, pale yellow, hybrid
187. *Seedling 806-04 ‘Sunny Girl’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’ [2seeds] RJ semi-double white, hybrid
188. *Seedling 806-09 ‘Sunny Girl’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’ [1seed] RJ semi-double white, hybrid
189.  *Seedling 806-10 ‘Sunny Girl’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’ [1seed] RJ semi-double white, hybrid
190.  Seedling 312-02 ‘Golden Wings’ x ‘Sunny Girl’ [3seeds] RJ single pink, hybrid
191.  *Seedling 407-02 ‘Roy Pehrson’s Best Yellow’ x ‘Sunny Girl’ [1seeds] RJ single white, hybrid
192.  Seedling 2001-393 peregrina ‘Sunshine’ x officinalis ‘Mollis’ [5seeds] RJ single pink, hybrid.
193.  Seedling 842 ‘May Fleuri F2’ [3seeds] RJ single white, hybrid
194.  Seedling TET 11-01 unknown tetraploid [3seeds] RJ single pale pink, hybrid
195.  *Seedling IT 58  unnamed lactiflora seedling from Irene Tolomeo. Good for Itoh hybrids [2seeds] RJ white semi-double.
196.  Seedling ‘Pink Princess’ x ‘Mme Jules Dessert’ [5seeds] BP single ruffled pink,hybrid.
197.  *Cross 1515 ‘Lemon Chiffon’ x ‘The Mackinac Grand’ [2seeds] BW semi-double pale yellow, hybrid
198.  *Cross 1527 ‘Archangel’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’ [1seed] BW single white, hybrid
199.  *Cross 1540 ‘Archangel x ‘Pink Vanguard’ [1seed] BW single white, hybrid
200.  *Cross 1534 ‘Lemon Chiffon’ x ‘Salmon Dream’ [3seeds] BW semi-double pale yellow,hybrid.
201.  *Cross 1518 ‘Blushing Princess’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’ [1seed] BW semi-double pink, hybrid
202.  *Cross 1544 ‘Lemon Chiffon’ x ‘Blushing Princess’ [1seed] BW semi-double pale yellow, hybrid

  Good Luck with your selections. Please remember to include alternatives or I will have to surprise you!


La SCP. Échange de graines 2016

Par Bill Wegman

La liste des échanges de l’année dernière a connu un véritable succès: 598 paquets ont été envoyés à 29 acheteurs. Leurs jardins exhiberont bientôt ces semis. Cette année, nous sommes vraiment chanceux. Un bon et généreux Américain nous a envoyé plus de 900 graines de pivoines arbustives chinoises et japonaises. Notre donateur le plus distant vient de la Finlande. Nos donateurs canadiens nous ont envoyé moins de graines que l’année dernière, mais Reiner Jakubowski nous a honorés avec des graines précieuses de son propre programme d’hybridation. J’ai ajouté plusieurs des miennes. Cette année, je terminerai l'échange à la fin d’avril, car il y a généralement très peu de demandes après cette date.

Le prix est le même que l’année dernière, soit 1,00 $ le paquet (voir ci-dessous), mais le nombre de graines varie selon les quantités données pour chaque type. Comme d’habitude, un certain nombre de dons contiennent de très petites quantités (soit tout ce que la plante a produit en tout). Alors, au lieu d’avoir un seul et unique paquet de 5 ou 10 graines, ces graines ont été réparties par petites quantités dans plusieurs paquets afin de les disperser dans le plus de directions possible.

Lorsque cela est raisonnablement possible, il y a un minimum de 5 graines par paquet pour la plupart des variétés. Ainsi, il se peut que la disponibilité soit seulement de quelques paquets; ces variétés sont marquées d’un astérisque*, et vous ne pouvez commander qu’un seul paquet pour chacune d’entre elles.

Il est recommandé d’indiquer des seconds choix, car il faudra faire des substitutions dans plusieurs cas où les quantités sont limitées. Quoique les NON-MEMBRES PEUVENT COMMANDER DES GRAINES DE CETTE LISTE, là où les quantités sont rares, les membres auront priorité.

POUR COMMANDER: Faites parvenir votre liste (écrire le numéro et le nom de la variété) des graines requises à : Société canadienne de la pivoine/ Graines a/s Bill Wegman 5441, Hilltop Dr. Manotick, Ontario K4M 1G6

Tel que spécifié, et en raison des quantités limitées, veuillez faire une liste de vos deuxièmes choix. Si vous désirez recevoir de l’information sur la façon de procéder pour faire germer les graines de pivoine, veuillez nous en faire part; nous vous ferons parvenir les instructions avec vos graines. Vous pouvez certainement commander plusieurs paquets par variété à l’exception des items marqués d’un astérisque*.

Votre Paiement: Veuillez inclure un chèque ou un mandat fait à l’ordre de la Société canadienne de la pivoine. Il n’est pas recommandé de faire parvenir de l’argent par la poste. Encore cette année, nous acceptons les timbres postaux et l’argent Canadian Tire pour régler l’achat de petites commandes. N’oubliez pas d’indiquer votre adresse de retour. Mieux encore, envoyez une étiquette avec votre adresse postale avec votre commande. C’est la meilleure façon de gagner du temps et d’éviter des erreurs.

Le coût est 1,00 $ le paquet, plus 1,00 $ pour toute commande en provenance du Canada; dans le cas des commandes à l’extérieur du Canada, le coût s’élève à 2,00 $ le paquet, plus 2,00 $ additionnels par commande étrangère. Par exemple: pour une commande de 4 paquets, le coût est de 4,00 $+1,00 $= 5,00 $ pour le Canada. Nous ne fournissons pas de certificats phytosanitaires.


BHN – Blossom Hill Nursery, Peterborough ON; BM – Blaine Marchand/Jamie Roberston, Osceola ON; BP –Brian Porter, Regina SK; BW – Bill Wegman, Manotick ON; CM – Carter Moore, London ON; GR – Gregory Rockwell Granger, Indiana USA; Holly Pender-Love, Trail, BC; JH – Joe Harvey, Victoria BC; NG – Nova Gardens, North Saanich BC; RJ – Reiner Jakubowski, Waterloo ON; GT - RP – Rena Preston, Pickering ON; SL – Sharon Lanigan, Saskatoon SK; TH – Tom Harris, Warkworth ON.

ESPÈCES HERBACÉES (toutes proviennent des jardins, par pollinisation ouverte sauf si mentionné autrement; le contenu des paquets est tel qu’indiqué)

     Variété,        QTÉ/pqt,    Donateur,  Couleur & Choix
 1.  *P.anomala [2 graines] SL, rouge simple
 2.  P.caucasica [5 graines] BHN, CM, rouge simple
 3.  P. humilis [6 graines] BHN, rose simple
 4.  P. kavachensis [5 graines] CM, SL, rouge simple
 5.  P.mlokosewitchii [4 graines] BW, CM, TH, jaune simple
 6.  P.mlokosewitchii [6 graines] BW, rose/blanc/d’autres simple
 7.  P.mascula ssp arietina  [5 graines] BW, rouge simple
 8.  P.officinalis [5 graines] BW, magenta simple
9.   P.officinalis ‘Villosa’ [5 graines] CM, rose simple
10. P.peregrina [5 graines] BW, BM, CM, rouge simple
11. P.tenuifolia (lithofila) [4 graines] BW, rouge simple
12. P.veitchii [5 graines] BW, rose simple

PIVOINES ARBUSTIVES incluant les ESPÈCES (toutes proviennent des jardins, par pollinisation ouverte dans la plupart des cas; le contenu des paquets est tel qu’indiqué)

13.  P.delavayi [3 graines] BW, orange cuivré simple
14.  P.delavayi [3 graines] BW, jaune simple
15.  P.linyanshanii x P. linyanshanii, pollinisation à la main, [3 graines] JH, blanc simple
16.  P.ludlowii  [5 graines] NG, jaune simple
17.  *P.potaninii  [3 graines] BW, orange cuivré simple
18.  P.rockii  [6 graines] BW, blanc semi-double
19.  P.rockii   [5 graines] BW, blanc simple
20.  P.rockii  [5 graines] BW, rose simple
21.  P.rockii  [5 graines] BW, mauve simple
22.  P.rockii blanc x P.rockii blanc pollinisation à la main [3 graines] JH  blanche simple
23.  P.rockii rose x P.rockii blanc pollinisation à la main [3 graines] JH rose simple
24.  Mélange de semis hybride américaine [5 graines] BW, variée
25.  Cherry Blossoms [5 graines] GR, rose semi-double
26.  Da Zong Zi [5 graines] GR, rouge onglets noirs double
27.  Dojean [5 graines] GR, blanc onglets rouges semi-double
28.  Ezra Pound [5 graines] GR, rougir blanc onglets marron semi-double
29.  *Guardian of the Monastery [3 graines] GR, lavande onglets pourpres simple
30.  Hna Kisoi [4 graines] GR, rose semi-double
31.  Hong  Lian [3 graines] GR, rose onglets rouges simple
32.  Hua Hu Die [3 graines] GR, rose onglets pourpres semi-double
33.  *Kamada Fuji [2 graines] GR, lavande double
34.  *Lan Jin Yu [4 graines] GR, lavande onglets marron simple
35.  Meikoho [5 graines] GR, blanc onglets marron semi-double
36.  Suffruticosa inconnue [5 graines] BW, rose simple
37.  *Qing Long Wo Fen Chi [3 graines] GR, rose simple
38.  *Shan Hu Tai [3 graines] GR, rouge onglets pourpres double
39.  *Shi Ba Hao [3 graines] GR, rose onglets marron semi-double
40.  Shima-nishiki [5 graines] GR, BW, CM, rouge/blanc semi-double
41.  Semis de Shima-nishiki [5 graines] BW, rose semi-double
42.  Shimane Chojuraka [5 graines] GR, lavande onglets noires semi-double
43.  Shin Kumagai [4 graines] GR, blanc onglets rouges semi-double
44.  *Shintenchi [3 graines] GR, rose onglets rouges double
45.  *Taiyo [2 graines] BW, rouge semi-double
46.  Semis de Taiyo [4 graines] BW, rose semi-double
47.  Xue Lian [4 graines] GR, blanc onglets pourpres simple
48.  *Yae Zakura [3 graines] GR, rose semi-double
49.  *Yang Luo Boa Zhu [3 graines] GR, rose double
50.  *Yan Long Zi Zhu Pan [3 graines] GR, rouge double

PIVOINES HERBACÉES DE JARDIN (proviennent des jardins, souvent par pollinisation ouverte, d’origine lactiflora, sauf si mention contraire, la description de la fleur est celle de la cosse d’origine)

51.  Adrienne Clarkson [5 graines] BM, BW, BHN, crème simple, hybride
52.  *Akashigata [3 graines] BHN, TH, rose japonaise
53.  *Alexander Woollcott [2 graines] BW, rouge semi-double, hybride
54.  *Alley Cat [5 graines] BHN, blanc simple
55.  Anemoneflora Rosea [5 graines] SL, rose japonaise
56.  Archangel [5 graines] BW,  blanc simple, hybride
57.  Barrington Belle [5 graines] HP, rouge japonaise
58.  *Bernice Carr [5 graines] BHN, rose pâle semi-double
59.  Semis de Betty Warner #97-3 [5 graines] rose moucheté simple
60.  Bev [5 graines] BM, RP, rose argenté double
61.  Blushing Princess [5 graines] BW, rose pâle semi-double, hybride
62.  *Capital Dome [4 graines] BHN, blanc double
63.  *Carrara [4 graines] BHN, blanc japonaise
64.  *Catherine Louise [4 graines] BM, blanc simple, hybride
65.  *Cincinnati [5 graines] BHN, rose double
66.  *Clown [3 graines] BHN, rose simple
67.  Color Magnet [6 graines] BW, BP, SL, rose simple, hybride
68.  Dainty [5 graines]  BM, TH, rose simple,
69.   Dawn Glow [4 graines] BW, SL, ivoire simple, hybride
70.  *Dawn Pink [4 graines] BM, rose simple
71.  *Detroit [3 graines] BM, rouge double
72.  *Doreen [4 graines] BHN, rose japonaise
73.  *Do Tell [2 graines] SL, rose clair japonaise
74.  *Early Glow [3 graines] BM, ivoire simple, hybride
75.   Empress of India [4 graines] BM, blanc double
76.  *Evening Glow [3 graines] CM, rose clair semi-double
77.  *Exotic [3 graines] RP, rose semi-double
78.  *Fiery Crater [3 graines] RP, rouge foncé simple
79.  *Fragrans [4 graines] BHN, rouge double
80.  Garden Lace [5 graines] BW, BHN, rose pâle japonaise, hybride
81.  *Gay Paree [4 graines] BW, magenta japonaise
82.  *George Vorauer [3 graines] BHN, rouge simple
83.  Gertrude Allen [5 graines]  BW, blanc japonaise
84.  *Glenny Carlene [3 graines] RJ, rose pâle japonaise, hybride
85.  Glowing Candles [5 graines] BW, rose pâle japonaise
86.  Golden Frolic [5 graines] BHN, rouge pale simple
87.  Golden Wings [5 graines] BW,  beige-jaune simple, hybride
88.  Semis de Golden Wings [5 graines] BW, beige-jaune simple, hybride
89.  Gold Standard [5 graines] BM, SL, blanc japonaise
90.  Gratis [6 graines] BP, noir-rouge simple
91.  Semis de Gratis [5 graines] BP, lavande simple
92.  Harriet Olney [5 graines] TH, rose simple
93.  *Horizon  [3 graines] BHN, rose pâle simple,
94.  *Irene May Gilbert [4 graines] BHN, rose simple
95.  *James Pillow [4 graines] TH, rose clair simple
96.  *Jan Van Leeuwen [4 graines] BM, blanc japonaise
97.  Jappensha-Ikhu [3 graines] SL, rouge japonaise
98.  Jean Ericksen [5 graines] BM, rouge japonaise
99.  Melange de semis de John Simkins [6 graines] CM, HP, variée
100. Semis de Josef Halda #JJH146 [1 graine] CM, blanche simple
101. Josette [5 graines] BM, rose japonaise
102. *June Rose [4 graines] BHN, rose double
103. *Kelway’s Bridesmaid [3 graines] BM, rose double
104. Kickapoo [5 graines] BM, rouge simple
105. Krinkled White [5 graines] BM, RP, blanc simple
106. Lemon Chiffon [4 graines] BW, TH, jaune citron semi-double, hybride
107. Leto [4 graines] BM, blanc japonaise
108. Lotus Queen [5 graines] BM, blanc japonaise
109. *Lovebirds [3 graines] BHN, blanc simple
110. *M. Adam Modzelewski [4 graines] BM rouge velouté double
111. *Mme Jules Dessert [3 graines] BM, blanc  double
112. Marie-Victorin [4 graines] BM, blanc simple, hybride
113. *Martha Reed [2 graines] BHN, blanc double
114. Martha W [6 graines] BW,BHN,  rose simple
115. Mary Contrary [4 graines] BM, blanc pâle simple
116. Mary Pratte [5 graines] RJ, BM, rose simple, hybride
117. Mélange de semis de Maurice Ménard  [6 graines] BM, rose crème simple, hybride
118. Meadow Lark [5 graines] BHN, rose pâle japonaise
119. *Milton Jack [5 graines] BHN, BM, rose-rouge double
120. Minnie Shaylor [6 graines] TH, BW, blanc semi-double
121. Semis de Minnie Shaylor [4 graines] TH, blanc simple
122. *Mischief [5 graines] BM, rose simple
123. Miss America [5 graines] BW, BHN, RP, blanc semi-double
124. Moonrise [5 graines] BW, SL, jaune crème simple, hybride
125. Moonstone [5 graines] BM, rougir rose double
126. *Mr Thim [4 graines] BM, rouge simple
127. *Mrs. Wilder Bancroft  [5 graines] BM rouge japonaise
128. Muskoka [5 graines] BM, rouge japonaise
129. *Nellie Shaylor [3 graines] BM, rouge japonaise  
130. *Neon [4 graines] BP, rose japonaise
131. *Nice Gal [5 graines] BP, rose double
132. *Nippon Beauty [3 graines] TH, rouge japonaise
133. Parfum inconnu  [5 graines] HP, rose simple
134. Rose inconnue [5 graines] TH rose simple
135. *Nosegay [2 graines] SL rose saumon simple
136. Orchid Annie [5 graines] BHN, rose pâle double
137. Pageant [4 graines] BW, rose simple, hybride
138. *Philippe Revoire [4 graines] BP, rouge double
139. *Picotee [3 graines] BW, rose pâle simple, hybride
140. Pink Cameo [5 graines] TH, rose pâle double
141. Pink Dogwood Whisper [3 graines] TH, rose simple
142. *Pink Platters [2 graines] BHN rose semi-double
143. Pink Princess [5 graines] BHN, rose clair moucheté
144. *Pink Spritzer [4 graines] BHN, verte/rose/crème simple
145. Pink Vanguard [5 graines] BW, RJ, rose semi-double, hybride
146. Port Royale [5 graines] BP, BHN, rouge japonaise
147. President Lincoln [5 graines] RP, BM, rouge simple
148. Pride of Blasdell [5 graines] BM, TH, rose japonaise
149. Pride of Langport [5 graines] BM, TH, rose simple
150. Pico [4 graines] BM, blanc simple
151. *Primevère  [4 graines] BM, rougir blanc japonaise
152. Prosperity Maud [4 graines] BM, abricot simple, hybride
153. Rare China [5 graines] BP, blanc semi-double
154. *Reverend H.N.Tragitt [3 graines] BM, blanc double
155. Roselette’s Child [5 graines] BM, RJ, BHN, rougir simple, hybride
156. Roy Pehrson’s Best Yellow [5 graines] BHN, RJ, BW, CM, jaune pâle simple, hybride
157. *Semis de Roy Pehrson’s Best Yellow [5 graines] BM, BW, jaune pâle simple, hybride
158. Salmon Dream [2 graines] BW, CM, saumon semi-double, hybride
159. *Santa Fe [4 graines] BM, rouge semi-double
160. *Serene Pastel [2 graines] BHN, rose pâle double
161. Shaylor’s Sunburst [5 graines] BM, blanc japonaise
162. Silver Dawn F3 [5 graines] CM, blanc simple
163. Soft Apricot Kisses [4 graines]  GR, rose simple, hybride
164. Sonia Hélène [5 graines] BW, RJ, crème simple, hybride
165. Semis de Sonia Hélène  [5 graines] BW, rouge simple, hybride
166. *Spellbinder [4 graines] BHN, blanc simple
167. Stardust [5 graines] RP, blanc simple
168. *Starlight [3 graines] CM, blanc simple
169. Strawberry Wine [4 graines] BHN, SL, rouge simple
170. Sugar n’ Spice [4 graines] RJ, rose simple, hybride
171. Sunday Chimes [4 graines] BHN, rose clair simple, hybride
172. Sunny Girl [3 graines] BHN, jaune pâle double
173  The Mackinac Grand [3 graines] BW, BHN, rouge semi-double, hybride
174. *The Nathans [4 graines] BM, rose double
175. Topika Garnet [5 graines] TH, rouge simple
176. *Torpilleur [5 graines] BM, rose japonaise
177. Tranquil Dove [4 graines] BW, blanc semi-double, hybride
178. *Virginia Dare [3 graines] BM, blanc simple
179. *Vivid Glow [3 graines] BM, saumon simple, hybride
180. Walter Mains [5 graines] BM, rouge japonaise
181. White Cap [5 graines] RP, rouge japonaise
182. White Wings [6 graines] HP, blanc simple
183. *Xue Yuan Hong Hua [2 graines] blanc double
184. *Yellow King [3 graines] TH, rose pâle japonaise
185. Zuzu [5 graines] BM, BW, rose pâle semi-double

Vous trouverez ci-dessous la liste des graines provenant d’un croisement entre les graines du programme de nos membres. Les descriptions ne sont que des conjectures sur ce qu’on peut attendre de ces graines.

186. *Semis 806-03 ‘Sunny Girl’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’ [3 graines] BM, jaune pâle double, hybride
187. *Semis 806-04 ‘Sunny Girl’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’ [2 graines] RJ, blanc semi-double, hybride
188. *Semis 806-09 ‘Sunny Girl’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’ [1 graine] RJ, blanc sem-double, hybride
189. *Semis 806-10 ‘Sunny Girl’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’ [1 graine] RJ, blanc sem-double, hybride
190. Semis 312-02 ‘Golden Wings’ x ‘Sunny Girl’ [3 graines] RJ, rose simple, hybride
191. *Semis 407-02 ‘Roy Pehrson’s Best Yellow’ x ‘Sunny Girl’ [1 graine] RJ, blanc simple, hybride
192.  *Semis 2001-393 peregrina ‘Sunshine’ x officinalis ‘Mollis’ [5 graines] rose simple, hybride
193. Semis 842 ‘Mai Fleuri F2’ [3 graines] RJ, blanc simple, hybride
194. Semis TET 11-01 tetraploid inconnue [3 graines] RJ, rose pâle simple, hybride
195. *Semis IT 58 lactiflora inconnue, semis d’Irene Tolomeo, bonne pour la hybridisation des Itoh [2 graines] RJ blanche semi-double
196. Semis ‘Pink Princess’ x ‘Mme Jules Dessert’ [5 graines] BP, rose ruché simple, hybride
197. *Croisement 1515 ‘Lemon Chiffon’ x ‘The Mackinac Grand’ [2 graines] BW jaune pâle semi-double, hybride
198.  *Croisement 1527 ‘Archangel’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’ [1 graine] BW, blanc simple, hybride
199. *Croisement 1540 ‘Archangel’ x ‘Pink Vanguard’  [1 graine] BW, blanc simple, hybride
200. *Croisement  1534 ‘Lemon Chiffon’ x ‘Salmon Dream’ [3 graines] BW, jaune pâle semi-double, hybride
201. *Croisement 1518 ‘Blushing Princess’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’ [1 graine] BW, rose, semi-double, hybride
202. *Croisement 1544 ‘Lemon Chiffon’ x ‘Blushing Princess’ [1 graine] BW, jaune pâle semi-double, hybride

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N’oubliez pas que la date limite pour commander les graines sera le 1ier avril, 2016

Peony Seeds   by R. Jakubowski

Peonies are heterozygous and do not come true from seeds.  Named cultivars must be propagated vegetatively to retain their cultivar name.

Seeds collected from species plants have an inherent variability within the population and not all are exactly alike, even in nature.  Be aware that species plants grown in the garden are subject to cross pollination with other peonies that may be in bloom at the same time, but otherwise, plants grown from species seeds remain species plants.

Peony seeds can be started indoors, but it's a rather involved process and it has to be started in the fall to get the timing right for planting sprouted seedlings in the spring.

By late winter it is much better to delay starting peony seeds until mid-June, perhaps as late as mid-July.  The reason for this is that peony seeds have a stepped approach to germination which has evolved to maximize sprouted seeds emerging in the spring when they have the best chance for survival.  Seeds need a lengthy warm moist period after which the root starts to grow with the onset of cooler fall weather.  The cold of winter is needed to break down barriers which otherwise prevent initiation of shoot growth.  This sequence of environmental factors must occur in that order, or the seeds will not grow.

1.  In mid-June to mid-July soak the seeds in water for up to four days.  Seeds which sink are considered sound and should germinate for you.  Seeds which never sink are usually hollow,  and not viable.
2.  Plant out in garden, or in a  cold frame, 1 inch deep, 4 to 6 inches apart.
3.  Water to dampen the soil, and avoid letting it dry out, but don't keep it constantly wet either.
4.  It is best to cover the seeded area to conserve moisture, to mark the spot, and to protect against animals digging them up.  They won't show above ground growth until the following spring, so covering won't bother them.  Use a board or flat rock or something similar.
5.  Remember to remove covering as early as you can in the spring.

Blooms will not appear for several years. First blooms of peony seedlings are often different from those that will develop as the plant matures. Don't judge too quickly! Some seedlings may resemble their parents, but they are not identical. New peonies can be registered with the American Peony Society. For more information on registration email


How to Germinate Peony Seeds Indoors

  • Collect seeds as pods begin to open.  The harder the outer shell, the longer the first dormancy period.
  • Wash the seeds in soapy water, followed by a ten minute soak in a solution of 9 parts water to 1 part household bleach.  Rinse.
  • Seeds that have been stored, soak in clean water from one to four days.  Change water at least daily.  Seeds that remain floating are considered hollow, or otherwise incomplete, and unlikely to germinate.  Seeds that sink to the bottom should be okay.  Use these as you continue with the next step.
  • Place seeds in sealed plastic bag with barely moist vermiculite or peat moss.
  • Place sealed bag in a warm area of the house(not in sun), check them every week to see if the root has emerged, and ensure they remain moist (but not wet!)
  • Leave them in the warmth until the roots appear (anywhere from a few weeks to several months).
  • Once roots appear and are about 3cm in length, move the bag to a cool location. Temperature should be approximately 4 degrees C.  (An old refrigerator is fine)
  • After 12 weeks, remove the bag and pot up the partially germinated seeds in a soil-less germination mix.
  • Depending on the time of year, you may have to place seedlings under grow lights for a few months before being able to transfer outside.
  • Keep seedlings under grow lights and ensure they are moist but not soggy.
  • Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every few weeks.
  • Transfer outside slowly as you would any other tender seedling.  Too much sun, too rapidly, will result in burnt foliage.
  • Seedlings should be outside in a sunny well-drained seedbed by September at the latest.