Sunday, August 29, 2010

Donations from Friends

by Phyllis McCord

Unknown White
This is a peony from my backyard.

Over the past few years as I have begun my garden, I have been given plants and roots whose identities have long been forgotten. While it doesn’t lessen my enjoyment I am looking forward to learning all about them!

submitted by Phyllis McCord  Alberta

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lee Valley Grafting Tool

 by Ron Adams

After doing more than thirty grafts with the new grafting tool from Lee Valley (commented on "Planting, Care, Seeds & Drying, Cutting & Storage section) I am not so sure of its efficacy.  The tool will only make an incision of 3/8" which presents a challenge when holding the scion and rootstock together and binding the parafilm over the join.  At first I was attempting to graft alone but after many trials found that an extra pair of hands to hold the scion and rootstock together allowed me to bind the parafilm much tighter and thereby obtain a better fit.
The limitations that I encountered were that the largest diameter that the tool could accommodate was 5/8" with the wedge method one is usually dealing with a depth of an inch or more whereas this tool's depth is only 3/8".  Another limitation was the difficulty in trying to sterilize the tool.  The blade is inside the sliding mechanism and troublesome to clean also the blade became tarnished and rusty overnight in spite of efforts to clean and dry it.
In conclusion I do not feel confident that the grafts will "take" but who knows maybe next spring I will be pleasantly surprised and rewarded with a few grafted peonies.  Will report back next year.

Lee Valley Grafting Tool,47236&p=64798

Has anyone else tried this tool??  Share your experiences with us.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Root Sale 2010

CPS Root Sale is CLOSED for 2010

The Peony Root Sale is open to current members in good standing of the 
Canadian Peony Society only!!

Our members and nursery friends have come through with an array of roots that I hope will tantalize and entice those of us who have never bought before and those who are looking to add to their collection to try at least one. Twenty of this years selections are being offered for the first time.
Nos membres et amis de maternelle sont venus par le biais d'un réseau de racines qui je l'espère, ravira et inciter ceux d'entre nous qui n'ont jamais acheté avant et ceux qui cherchent à ajouter à leur collection d'essayer au moins une. Vingt sélections de cette année sont offertes pour la première fois.
Deadline to place your order is Friday, September 10, 2010
Date limite pour placer votre commande est le vendredi, Septembre 10, 2010

Special thanks to this year’s Donors:
Merci spécial aux donateurs de cette année:
Blossom Hill Nursery: Joe, Hazel & Amy Cook, Driedger Nurseries Ltd.: Ed Kruger, Dutch Girl Peonies: Adriana Work, Ferncliff Gardens: David & Sheila Jack, La Pivoinerie D’Aoust: Lindsay D’Aoust, Peonies From the Field: Lana Taylor-Mills, Terri & Mike, Pivoines Capano: Mano Capano, Parkland Perennials: Bob Yaremko, Planteck Biotechnologies: Richard Labbe, Select Plus: Frank Moro.
Angie Andruss, Barbara Baker, Carlos Beca, Robert Burtch, Nathalie Chaley, Chris Chirhin, Ann Finlayson, Wayne Lang, Alice Macaulay, Blaine Marchand, Eva Mitravitz, Brian Porter, Mary Pratte, Mary Ellen Simmerson, Bill Wegman.

For detailed description use Google search ex “peony Do Tell”
Pour reprendre la description détaillée de recherche Google ex "pivoine Do Tell"

Herbaceous, Lactiflora
1. Alley Cat, Cactus Type, Cream w/red stripes $ 35.00
2. Attar of Roses, Double, Pink $ 35.00
3. Bowl of Beauty, Japanese, Fuschia $ 25.00
4. Bowl of Cream, Double, White $ 25.00
5. Bride’s Dream, Japanese, White $ 25.00
6. Butterbowl, Japanese, Pink $ 25.00
7. Charles Burgess, Japanese, Red $ 30.00
8. Cincinnati, Double, Dark Pink $ 25.00
9. Clemenceau, Double, Pink $ 35.00
10. Dayton, Double, Pink $ 30.00
11. Do Tell, Japanese, Pink $ 25.00
12. Dragon’s Nest, Japanese, Magenta $ 40.00
13. Elsa Sass, Double, White $ 25.00
14. Esmeralda, Semi Double, Light Pink $ 45.00
15. Felix Supreme, Double, Red $ 30.00
16. Festiva Maxima, Double, White $ 25.00
17. Fringed Ivory, Double, White $ 25.00
18. Garden Parfait, Double, Pink $ 25.00
19. George Vorauer, Single, Red $ 45.00
20. Gertrude Allen, Anemone, White $ 25.00
21. Golden Bracelet, Double, White $ 30.00
22. Jeanne d’Arc, Double, Pink $ 35.00
23. Judy Anne, Double, Pink $ 45.00
24. Kansas, Double, Watermelon Red $ 25.00
25. Krinkled White, Single, White $ 25.00
26. Lady Alexandra Duff, Double, Pink $ 30.00
27. LaDonna, Double, Pink $ 30.00
28. Leto, Japanese, White $ 25.00
29. Longfellow, Double, Red $ 25.00
30. Milton Jack, Double, Rose Red $ 25.00
31. Mme Jules Dessert, Semi Double, White $ 40.00
32. Modest Guerin, Double, Pink $ 30.00
33. Moon Over Barrington, Double, White $ 25.00
34. Mons Jules Elie, Double, Pink $ 25.00
35. Mother’s Choice, Double, White $ 25.00
36. Mr Ed, Double, Pink $ 25.00
37. Nick Shaylor, Double, White $ 25.00
38. Onondaga, Double, Red $ 30.00
39. Plainsman, Japanese, White $ 35.00
40. Sarah Bernhardt, Double, Pink $ 25.00
41. Seashell, Single, Pink $ 25.00
42. Shirley Temple, Double, Blush $ 25.00
43. Snow Swan, Single, White $ 25.00
44. Solange, Double, Salmon Pink $ 35.00
45. Stellar Charm, Anemone, White $ 40.00
46. Sweet Melody, Double, Pink $ 40.00
47. Sword Dance, Japanese, Red $ 25.00
48. West Elkton, Japanese, Red $ 25.00

Herbaceous Hybrid
49. Adrienne Clarkson, Single, Pale Yellow $120.00
50. Cherry Ruffles, Semi Double, Red $ 30
51. Coral Charm, Semi Double, Coral $ 30.00
52. Coral Fay, Semi Double, Pink $ 25.00
53. Coral Sunset, Semi Double, Coral $ 30.00
54. Diana Parks, Double, Red $ 30.00
55. Garden Peace, Single, White $ 30.00
56. Heavenly Pink, Double, Pink $ 45.00
57. Henry Bockstoce, Double, Red $ 25.00
58 Little Red Gem, Single, Red $ 35.00
60 Paula Fay, Semi Double, Pink $ 25.00
61 Red Charm, Double, Red $ 25.00
62 Red Grace, Double, Red $ 30.00
63 Rose Crystal, Single, Ivory $ 35.00
64 Scarlet O’Hara, Single, Red $ 30.00

65 P. tenuifolia, Rubra Plena, Double, Red $ 65.00

Intersectional Hybrid-*2**3yr micro-propagation
**3yr should flower next year
66 *Bartzella, Semi Double, Yellow $ 50.00
67 **Cora Louise, Semi Double, White w/lavender flares $ 50.00
68 Garden Treasure, Semi Double, Yellow $150.00
69 **Going Bananas, Single, Yellow $ 50.00
70 *Julia Rose, Semi Double, Red $ 50.00
71 **Magical Mystery Tour, Semi Double, Pink $ 50.00
72 *Raggady Ann, Semi Double, White w/red flares $ 50.00
73 **Singing in the Rain, Single, Yellow to Pink $ 50.00
74 **Smith Family Yellow, Semi Double, Yellow $ 40.00
75 **Yankee Doodle Dandy, Semi Double-Double, Pink $ 40.00

Mystery Offerings – Very Popular (Be Daring!!)
76 L. Double, Pink, 36” opens around June 16 $ 25.00
77 L. Double, full Double, White to Pale Pink $ 25.00
78 L. Double, Loose Semi Double to Double, Pink $ 25.00

Prices for roots are fixed and a fee of $4.00 per root will be added to each order to offset Canada Post rates.
Prix pour les racines sont fixes et des frais de $4.00 par racine seront ajoutés à chaque commande pour
compenser les taux de Postes Canada.

Please order by email where possible and include your name, mailing address and the names of roots you wish to purchase. DO NOT send money with your order.
S'il vous plaît commande par courrier électronique lorsque c'est possible et inclure votre nom, adresse postale et le nom des racines que vous souhaitez acheter. NE PAS envoyer de l'argent avec votre commande

By Email:

Where demand exceeds supply, buyers will be randomly selected. Shipping dates vary from September to sometime in October. Donors will ship directly to the buyer.
Lorsque la demande excède l'offre, les acheteurs seront sélectionnés au hasard.  Les dates de livraison varient de Septembre à Octobre dans le courant.  Les donateurs seront envoyés directement à l'acheteur.

Buyers will forward a cheque payable to “The Canadian Peony Society” to M. Sequeira at above address once all roots have been received.
Les acheteurs pourront faire parvenir un chèque payable à "La Société canadienne de la pivoine à M
Sequeira au-dessus de l'adresse une fois toutes les racines ont été recues.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fleurs après LA SAISON PIVOINE AT ma ferme à St-Stanislas QUÉ
Nous préparons le FESTIVAL LACHUTE le 12 juin et 13 2011


Martinus Mooijekind