Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 Peony Photo Contest

How it Works...

Post your best shots of peonies, taken any time or place, any shape or form, to our Facebook Event Page "CPS Peony Show". We will also accept email entries to The contest is open from April 1st through to June 15th, midnight, for online entries.
Judges will select the best 20 photos as finalist to be displayed at the 2016 Peony Show on June 25 & 26th. You may be contacted for a higher resolution copy of your photo should it be chosen as a finalist entry. Only two entries permitted per person.

To Become an Automatic Finalist:
Bring your peony shot printed as a 5x7" photo, matte finish, directly to the Peony Show at the Enmax Conservatory on June 25th before 12pm. Your shot will automatically be considered a finalist and displayed for the contest. Please include your name and a phone number or email address with your photo. Please ensure it is legible and correct. Only two entries permitted per person.

The submitted photo(s) must be peony related. Otherwise all shape, forms, and artistic views are welcome. Include peony names if at all possible. Must be an original photo taken by the individual submitting the entry. Photo editing and filters are allowed as long as preservation of original subject matter is obvious. If submitted in person must be printed as a 5x7" matte photo. Contact information must be included in order to be notified if you win. Prizes must be picked up from a Calgary location (to yet be determined) within 2 weeks of being notified of winnings. Failure to retrieve your prize will cause forfeit of said prize to next designated winner. 
By submitting a photograph you grant The Canadian Peony Society a royalty-free, nonexclusive right during the Photo Contest to: Display the photograph on the CPS Peony Show Facebook page or to print for display at The Canadian Peony Society Show 2016. Allow third-parties to share the photograph on the following social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Use the photograph on the Internet and in Social Media in support of the society.

There will be a Judge's Choice and a People's Choice (voted on by show goers on June 25 & 26). Winners will be announced on Sunday June 26th, at noon. All decisions are final and are not disputable. If not present at the show... Facebook entry winners will be notified via Facebook unless otherwise requested. In person entries will be contact by the contact information provided.

For judges and peoples choice.... A lovely gardeners gift basket to be picked up at the show or other designated location in Calgary after the date and a print of your winning photo shipped to your home. And of course bragging rights for all winners and runner ups!

Follow us on Facebook at CPS Peony Show to be updated and to see posting of winners. Also find all other show info, including bloom entry instructions, and show schedule. 
Don't forget to stop by the show to see the photo entries and vote on your favourite!! We hope to see you there!!

June 25 & 26, 2016 at the Enmax Conservatory at the Calgary Zoo.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

CPS Show Calgary, Alberta

The Canadian Peony Society
National Peony Show Schedule
Calgary, Alberta
The Canadian Peony Society’s National Peony Show will be held in Calgary, Alberta June 24 – 26, 2016.  It is at the Calgary Zoo and Botanical Gardens in the Enmax Conservatory.
Entries accepted:
Friday June 24               5:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday June 25           7:00am-8:00am

Show will be judged:
Saturday June 25           8:30am-11:30am

Show open to the Public:
Saturday June 25           12noon-5:00pm
Sunday June 26             9:00am-3:00pm

Show Schedule
1.        The show is open to any member of the general public upon paid entry to the Calgary Zoo.
2.        All entries must be placed by 8:15am Saturday June 25, 2016.
3.       Containers will be provided.
4.       In each class you may place up to 2 different cultivars.
5.       Each entry must have an entry tag with your name address and phone number. Entry tags will be provided.
6.       All plant material must be grown by the Exhibitor.  Peonies should have stems 10-12” with top leaves only.
7.       The decision of the judges is final.  The judges may withhold an award of the exhibit is not deemed worthy.
8.       Ribbons will be awarded for 1, 2, 3, 4th place.  “Court of Honour” and “Grand Champion” will be also awarded.
9.       The Canadian Peony Society and the Calgary Zoo assume no responsibility for loss or damage.

10.   Go to for more information.

1.       Peony, single, red, 1 bloom
2.       Peony, single, dark red, 1 bloom
3.       Peony, single, white, 1 bloom
4.       Peony, single, light pink, 1 bloom
5.       Peony, single, medium pink, 1 bloom
6.       Peony, single, dark pink, 1 bloom
7.       Peony, single, any other color, 1 bloom
8.       Peony, single, any color, same variety, 3 blooms, one container
9.        Peony, SD, red, 1 bloom
10.    Peony, SD, dark red, 1 bloom
11.    Peony, SD, rosy red, 1 bloom
12.    Peony, SD, white, 1 bloom
13.    Peony, SD, light pink, 1 bloom
14.    Peony, SD, medium pink, 1 bloom
15.    Peony, SD, dark pink, 1 bloom
16.    Peony, SD, coral, 1 bloom
17.    Peony, SD, any other color, 1 bloom
18.    Peony, SD, red, same variety, 3 blooms, one container
19.    Peony, SD, white, same variety, 3 blooms, one container
20.    Peony, SD, pink, same variety, 3 blooms, one container
21.    Peony, SD, coral, same variety, 3 blooms, one container
22.    Peony, D, red, 1 bloom
23.    Peony, D, dark red, 1 bloom
24.    Peony, D, rosy red, 1 bloom
25.    Peony, D, white, 1 bloom
26.    Peony, D, light pink, 1 bloom
27.    Peony, D, medium pink, 1 bloom
28.    Peony, D, dark pink, 1 bloom
29.    Peony, D, coral, 1 bloom
30.   Peony, D, any other color
31.   Peony, D, red, same variety, 3 blooms, one container
32.   Peony, D, white, same variety, 3 blooms, one container
33.   Peony, D, pink, same variety, 3 blooms, one container
34.   Peony, D, coral, same variety, 3 blooms, one container
35.   Peony, J/A, red, 1 bloom
36.   Peony, J/A, white, 1 bloom
37.   Peony, J/A, pink, 1 bloom
38.   Peony, J/A, any other color, 1 bloom
39.   Peony, J/A, any color, same variety, 3 blooms, one container

40.    Peony, Itoh, “Bartzella”, 1 bloom
41.   Peony, Itoh, “Garden Treasure”, 1 bloom
42.   Peony, Itoh, any other yellow, 1 bloom
43.   Peony, Itoh, red or bronze, 1 bloom
44.   Peony, Itoh, lavender or purple, 1 bloom
45.   Peony, Itoh, any other color than yellow, 1 bloom
46.   Tree Peony, single, any color, 1 bloom
47.   Tree Peony, D/SD, any color, 1 bloom
48.   Any type, any color, 1 bloom

49.   Peony, Unknown, red, 1 bloom
50.   Peony, Unknown, white, 1 bloom
51.   Peony, Unknown, light or medium pink, 1 bloom
52.   Peony, Unknown, dark pink, 1 bloom
53.   Peony, Unknown, same color, 3 blooms, same variety, one container
54.   Peony, Unknown, any color, 3 blooms, one container

55.   Peony, Unknown, any color, 5 blooms, one container

Saturday, May 14, 2016

2016 Oshawa Peony Festival

For more information including the show schedule, photo & art contest please visit the website:

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Request for Open Gardens

By Holly Pender-Love

One of the best ways to increase our membership and inform interested people about the wonderful improvement in peony culture is to invite them into our gardens. I encourage you to consider participating in the Canadian Peony Society 2016  " OPEN GARDENS" program.
We have been pleased in the past to offer members the opportunity to visit gardens all across Canada. Feedback indicates that those members who invite their local garden club to visit, and/or had a few special publicized open days were more successful in welcoming guests. If you have a Red Hat group in your area, chances are they would be thrilled to be invited. I notice that Carol Adelman is having a special "Red Had Day" at her nursery outside Portland, OR and I have shamelessly copied her idea!

Contact Holly at with any questions about the program, and to indicate any changes you may wish make to your listing. New listings welcomed.
Please forward this email to members in your area, or anyone with a beautiful peony collection.

As we are going to be listed on the website,, we are entering a whole new world. We may start hearing from people who are very curious about peonies. One never knows.

In addition, I will be creating a Private Gardens and Public Gardens listing, so that those who charge a fee can make that quite clear...
. Would you please forward information about Public Gardens in your area, with contact information so I may contact them?

ps. Darlene Kalawsky and I are working with the Doukhobor Discovery Centre, Castlegar, BC for the possible development of a Memorial Peony Garden at their museum. We started with a kind donation of peonies through the Prairie Peony group, Brian Porter and friends from Indian Head, Saskatchewan in the fall of 2015. We would be delighted to have feedback from anyone else who is will to donate some roots this fall. We are just creating a list of possible donors at this time, as the Board of Directors have not yet given us the 100% approval to enlarge their gardens...  we will be in touch with anyone who responds to our request. thank you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Open to members and the general public our annual seed exchange is now open.  Please look over the list under our Seed Exchange listed above