Friday, June 18, 2010

Renkaku "Flight of Cranes"

Renkaku, Japanese Tree Peony, aka Flight of Cranes - approximately 10 - 15 years old now, and is about 4 and half feet high and 3 and half feet wide; more flowers (each about 8 inches in diameter) every year and one of my friends commented the flowers dont look real, but look like those delicate tissue paper flowers we used to make as kids; also the buds are really large and quite lovely before they come out into full bloom; cut flower lasts a few days if cut stem short about 2 inches below the actual flower and water replenished daily as is quite thirsty; it is planted under a large tree in my white garden and it gets a mix of sun and shade; I only give it some manure and cover base with the usual wood chip mulch every couple of years, so quite hardy, as I dont have time for fussy plants; as my home is on the waterfront trail, I often have people take pics of it and leave me prints; a lot of people dont know what it is, as tree peonies are not as well known as herbaceous peonies, but when they ask and I explain about it, many ask where to buy them - too bad they are not more well known and available, as they provide a showstopper of blooms and are invariably at their best 3-5 days before a big rain storm!

Photo and write up submitted by M Hedge

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