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Canadian Hybridized Peonies

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Adrienne Clarkson, Lactiflora, Single, Pale Yellow, Ménard 2004
Aileen Brethour, Lactiflora, Double, Soft Pink, Brethour 1935
Alice May Brethour, Lactiflora, Double, Blush Pink, Brethour 1935
Amazement, Lactiflora, Red. Brethour
Angela, Lactiflora, Double, Flesh Pink, Blacklock
Ann Berry Cousins, Herb Hybrid, Semi Double, Soft Pink, Cousins 1972
Ann Cousins, Lactiflora, Double, White, Cousins 1946
Aroha, Lactiflora, Japanese, Pink, Blacklock
Athelstane, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Brown 1938
Audrey, Lactiflora, Double, White, Blacklock

Beatrice A Cartwright, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Brethour
Betty Hires, Lactiflora, Japanese, Pink, Norton
Blanche Elie, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brethour 1934

Capitulation, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brethour 1939
Catherine Louise, Herb Hybrid, Ménard/D’Aoust
Chalice, Lactiflora, Blacklock
Chastity, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brethour 1935
Clara May Bernhardt, Lactiflora, Double, White, Kummer 1939
Col. Owens Cousins, Herb Hybrid, Double, White, Cousins 1972
Coral n Gold, Herb Hybrid, Single, Coral, Cousins/Klehm 1981
Coralba, Herb Hybrid, Single, Coral, Ménard 1996

Dieppe, Lactiflora, Double, Light Pink, Keagey 1946
Dieudonne, Lactiflora, Double, Pink & White, Brethour 1936
Dolly Varden, Lactiflora, Japanese, Pink, Brethour 1937
Donna Jean, Lactiflora, Japanese, Pink, Brown 1946
Douglas Brown, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brown 1952
Dunkirk, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Keagey 1946

Ecstasy, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brethour 1929
Elgin, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Brown 1952
Elora, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brown 1949
Empress of Britain, Lactiflora, Double, White, Norton 1931
Etched Salmon, Herb Hybrid, Double, Pink, Cousins/Klehm 1981
Etienne Brule, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brethour 1934
Eva Gauthier, Lactiflora, Japanese, Norton 1927

Fairleigh, Lactiflora, Double, Blush Pink, Brown 1938

Faith Fenton, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Brethour

Falaise, Lactiflora, Keagey

Fascination, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brethour 1936

Fidelity, Lactiflora, Double, White, Blacklock

Glowing Raspberry Rose, Herb Hybrid, Double, Raspberry, Cousins 1981

Grace Adams, Lactiflora, Single, Blacklock

Harry A. Norton, Lactiflora, Double, Crimson, Norton 1939

Henriette Clarke, Lactiflora, Double, White, MacDonald 1948

Hidden Blushers, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brethour 1939

Hidden Blushes, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brethour 1939

Illustrious, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Brown 1952

In Memoriam, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Brethour 1923

Irene May Gilbert, Herb Hybrid, Pink, Gilbert

Ivory White Saucer, Herb Hybrid, Single, White, Cousins/Klehm 1981

Janice Smith, Lactiflora, Double, Rose Pink, Brown 1952

Jean Ericksen, Lactiflora, Japanese, Deep Red, Ericksen 1999

Josette, Lactiflora, Single, White or Pink to Whtie, Brethour 1937

Joyce, Lactiflora, Blacklock

La Canadienne, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brethour 1936

Lady Byng, Lactiflora, Japanese, Norton 1926

Lady Eleanor, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Rolfe

Lady of the Snows, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brethour 1938

Lady Rolfe, Lactiflora, Pink, Rolfe

Lalla Roohk, Lactiflora, Brethour

Lancaster, Lactiflora, Double, White, Brown 1952

Late Loveliness, Lactiflora, Blacklock

Linda K Jack, Lactiflora, Double, Deep Red, Jack 1970

Lizbeth, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Blacklock

Louise Lossing, Lactiflora, Double, White, Lossing 1943

Lovely Andrea, Lactiflora, Japanese, White, Ménard 1996

Madame Edna Power, Herb Hybrid, Single, Soft White to Pale Yellow, Simkins 2000

Margaret Logie, Lactiflora, Single to Semi Double, Pink, Keagey

Mary Pratte, Herb Hybrid, Ménard

Maryan, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Brown bef. 1938

Milton Jack, Lactiflora, Double, Deep Rose Red, Jack

Mimi, Lactiflora, Japanese, Clear Medium Pink, Jack

Moosenee, Lactiflora, Pink, Brethour

Mrs. A.O. Norton, Lactiflora, Double, White, Norton 1928

Mrs. Alice Brethour, Lactiflora, Brethour

Mrs. Harry A. Norton, Lactiflora, Semi Double, Red, Norton 1939

Mrs. Jean Ericksen (“Jean Ericksen”), Lactiflora, Japanese, Deep Red, Ericksen 1999

Mrs. Lawrence, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Rolfe

Peep ‘O’ Day, Lactiflora, Single, Pinkish White, Blacklock

Polly Prim, Lactiflora, Double, Pale Pink, Blacklock 1944

Princess Margaret Rose, Lactiflora, Japanese, Pink, Brethour 1938

Prosperity Maud, Herb Hybrid, Single, Apricot, Ménard/D’Aoust 2003

Raspberry Glow, Herb Hybrid, Double, Red, Cousins/Klehm

Red Wonder, Itoh Hybrid, Japanese, Fuschia, Ménard 2000

Rosaurea, Lactiflora, Japanese, Pink, Brown 1952

Rose Bowl, Lactiflora, Single, Light Pink, Keagey 1946

Ruth Lockie, Lactiflora, Double, Dark Pink, Kummer 1941

S.F. Wood, Lactiflora, Double, White, Wood 1948

Shannon, Lactiflora, Double, Medium Dark Pink, Brown 1952

Sherbrook Record, Lactiflora, Japanese, Pink, Norton 1924

Shirine (‘Shrine’), Lactiflora, Double, Blush, Brethour 1936

Single Bliss, Lactiflora, Single, Pink, Blacklock

Soft Salmon Saucer, Herb Hybrid, Single, Soft Salmon Pink, Cousins/Klehm 1981

Subtlety, Herb Hybrid, Single, Light yellow fades to white, Ménard 1996

Susie Smith, Lactiflora, Japanese, Pink, Brown 1950

Symphony, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Brethour 1928

Thisbe, Lactiflora, Double, Pink, Brethour 1943

Vimy Ridge, Lactiflora, Double, Bright Pink, Brethour 1937
Vivid Glow, Herb Hybrid, Single, Salmon, Cousins 1986

WE Macoun (‘William T. (WT) Macoun’), Lactiflora, Single, Red, Blacklock

White Bomber, Lactiflora, Double, White, Keagey

White Cockade, Lactiflora, Single, White, Keagey 1946

Whilliam, Herb Hybrid, Cousins 1968

Willow Love, Lactiflora, Dunbar

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