Wednesday, June 2, 2010

La Pivoinerie D'Aoust

Compiled by Margaret Sequeira
Taken from The Peony - C to C Vol 2 Issue 1 Feb 1999 ; Vol 2 Issue 3 Aug 1999 written by L D'Aoust
Vol 11 Issue 1 Mar 2008 written by R Jakubowski

Lindsay D'Aoust is an electrical engineer by training, An avid collector of gardening books with several about peonies in her collection.
I'm now hard at work creating my niche in the ornamental horticulture industry.  My company, La Pivoinerie D'Aoust was started in 1996 when I left my downtown Montreal job and we purchased a small piece of farmland in the western corner of Quebec.
La pivoinerie (translation - a place where peonies are grown) is a small nursery growing about 75 varieties of peonies.  I have three great field hands; daughter Julie, Max the Westie and Rosie the lab.  When not in the field with my peonies, I help out with the computer program at Julie's school or work on my horticulture courses from the University of Guelph.

Hybridized by Maurice Ménard  and registered by Lindsay D'Aoust
Mary Pratte - Ménard/D'Aoust 2007
Selected by M. Ménard for registration before his death in 2002.
very sturdy, single flowered peony with dense,
glossy clear green foliage and mid pink blooms 15cm in size.
It is however an advanced generation hybrid, likely F3 or F4. 
Blooms at approximately same time as 'Red Charm'.

George Vorauer  - Ménard/D'Aoust 2007
 tall plant with dark red 10cm flowers, trouble free cutlivar with dark stems and foliage,
Mid-pink disc (series of bumps or projections surrounding base of carpels) is very prominent.
The pod parent is a seedling of 'Karl Rosenfield'.
This peony was named to honour George Vorauer, long a key advocate to preserve
and restore the historic peony collection at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. 

Catherine Louise -  Ménard/D'Aoust 2005
Selected by M. Ménard for registration before his death in 2002.
tall self standing, single flowered peony with perfectly rounded petals which open blush
and fade to waxy white with time.  Deep pink/red stigmas and filaments form a tightly packed
centre.  Petioles and stems are almost uniformly deep red and set off waxy white flowers.
Cultivar has consistently shown excellent fall foliage colour.
Named for his grand-daughter Catherine Louise Ménard.

Plants bloom at approximately same time as 'Red Charm suggesting a hybrid background.
Cultivars are seedlings from the collection of Québec peony breeder Maurice Ménard
Like most of his selections exact parentage in unclear.

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