Friday, May 14, 2010


'Starlight' was acquired last year from Parkland Perennials.  I wasn't dissappointed.  When spring arrived and signs of life began to show 'Starlight' had 5 stems and looked like it would go forever.  Even with our fluctuating spring weather, 1 week of heat to downright wintery conditions for 1 week and rain it still pushed forth and now it was showing 5 swelling buds.  I couldn't (should have) remove the blooms for the first season but what a show.  I am not sorry at all.
Starlight, A.P. Saunders 1949, Herbaceous Hybrid, Single, Cream, 26" Early                           Parentage: Lactiflora x (officinalis x (mlokosewitschi x macrophylla))                                                        Blooms of ivory occasionally flush with warmer tints and a cream and gold centre.

Photos submitted by M Sequeira

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