Monday, May 17, 2010

Japanese Tree Peony

Thanks for starting this up, Currently I have a Japanese Tree Peony blooming with five of the six buds in bloom. It has lovely dark pink petals on opening that fade to a paler pink with a dark maroon centre. It is beautiful this year; my herbaceous peonies are just starting to bud. I have a double peony and single blossom peonies that I have moved many times. They originally belonged to my paternal grandmother and then my mother.

Good Luck with the blog.
PS One of the seeds I bought 4 years ago ( a tree peony) is about 2 feet tall and has a bud (very small). Krys

Photo submitted by K Perron


  1. Nice photo Krys. I would love to see how the 4 year old seedling looks even if it isn't blooming.

  2. Hi! I have just been given a handful of Japanese Tree Peony seeds from a guy who had quite a large (6') plant and I thought I'd try my hand at planting them. We are zone 3 and have very decent soil. Any hints?

    Kris & Lynn

  3. Zone 3 is a bit cold for most tree peonies. The hardiest of the tree peonies are the rockii hybrids (also sometimes seen as Ganzu Mudan). You might get away with growing the Japanese sorts if you have deep snow cover or provide them with winter protection. No reason not to try. Check out articles from APS on peony seed germination. These cover germination conducted indoors, which is what I would do for these seeds. I would also be inclined to grow them in pots for the first two years before planting them out in the garden. Reiner