Saturday, May 8, 2010

A New Garden

A Canadian Hybridizer Peony Garden is going to be created at the Peel Agricultural Societies property in Caledon just north of Brampton.
Peel Teaching Garden, a not-for-profit group, plants and maintains all gardens on the property and with   interest and enthusiasm the peony garden is slowly taking shape.  We have chosen the site, with the help of volunteers the beds will be prepared over the spring and summer and ready for planting in the fall.   We need help in acquiring Canadian hydridized peonies for the garden.  If anyone would like to donate a root contact Margaret at .  In return for your donation, Peel Teaching Garden will recognize the donation with a small sign.
F.Y.I. Currently Peel Teaching Garden has donated land for me to plant seed for growing on.  Volunteers have heard about and seen the trial beds and interest peeked has prompted the peony garden project.

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