Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tell Us Your Story

Ontario member Gail Hudson has suggested that we ask our members: “Where is the most interesting place that you have found a peony?”  Gail told us her own story. “Last spring I drove about 3 hours to a friend’s place and then taken to a very 'secret' location near Belleville, ON where there was an abandoned peony garden. The site was close to 2 acres in size. An older gentleman had rented the plot and tended to it for many years. But he passed away around 10 years ago. The garden was located in kind of a meadow with bush surrounding it. It was peaceful place and I wished I could have seen it when it was loved. In its heyday, the gentleman gardener had cared for all his peonies – hybridized, divided, sold them by mail order. That is all I know. My friend’s father was the property owner and did not have a clue about the treasure sitting untouched. He was actually considering plowing it under. I practically begged them to ask him to delay until a few peony lovers could visit the site. I was thrilled to find that even after a long period of time, with no attention, these peonies would once again be loved and cared for. I transplanted about 20 different plants. I don't have a clue what they will be as the identification labels had long since faded. But next spring will hopefully bring some wonderful surprises.”
Gail concluded that if this happened to her, it's possible that
other CPS members have acquired plants in a unique way as
well. So drop me a line, and tell our readers your story. 

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