Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peony Flower and its Meaning

All About the Peony Flower

The Greek story goes that the Greek god of medicine Asclepius had a student named Paena. But, the student was actually better than the master, so the teacher became jealous of him. The story goes that Zeus actually had to save the student from the teacher’s wrath by turning him into a flower. The flower has a floral meaning of shame, but it can also signify a happy marriage and a happy life. 

Description of the Peony Flower

The peony is a flower that belongs to the genus Paeonia. This is a flowering plant family that has about 25 to 40 species in it. For the most part, all of the plants in this family are herbaceous perennial plants and they grow in Asia, parts of Southern Europe, and North America. The peony is a plant that will grow up to about 5 feet tall. A very large flower, can be extremely fragrant. You will find that these flowers range in color from white, red, yellow,corals and purples, and they will bloom in the late spring and in the early summer.

Uses for the Peony Flower

The peony works great for arrangements.  These flowers are showy and they really look great so you will see that the flowers are really great to add to arrangements or to star in an arrangement. Other people just want to plant the flowers so that they have a great flower that is big and that will look great in their yards. This is a great landscaping flower in all the great colors that it comes in.

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