Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friends of the Experimental Farm

 Introduction to the collection

There are approximately 420 peony plants throughout the Central Experimental Farm, with about 250 different cultivars and hybrids

The Ornamental Gardens has 12 beds with 350 peonies.

Others are located in the Arboretum, the Macoun Garden, the Rock Garden, the long perennial beds and some yet to be identified are in the Nursery.

Projects of the Peony Team of the Friends of the Farm include:
  • identifying peonies original to the collection which will allow for proper labeling of all of the plants over time
  • choosing which peonies should be ordered to fill in any bare spots or to complement the Saunders' collection
  • answering questions from visitors, while maintaining the beds, and
  • offering walkabouts of the peony collection starting in the summer of 2006.

A new Saunders collection has been developed and is now on display in the Ornamental Gardens, displaying peonies bred by A.P. Saunders, son of the first Director of the CEF, Dr. William Saunders.

Selections from the Peony Collection at the 
Central Experimental Farm
photos by Mary Pratte unless otherwise indicated

'Better Times'
Photo by Richard Hinchcliff
'Clair de Lune'
'Constance Spry'
'Do Tell'
'Felix Supreme'
'Gay Paree'
'Golden Bracelet'
'Illini Belle'
Photo by Richard Hinchcliff
Photo by Richard Hinchcliff
'June Rose'
'Le Jour'
'Mrs Euclid Snow'
'Pink Cameo'
'Red Charm'
Photo by Richard Hinchcliff
'Rose Diamond'
'Souvenir de Louis Bigot'
'Sword Dance'
'Victoria Lincoln'
'White Cap'

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