Saturday, April 7, 2012

Peterborough Garden Show 2012

The show started yesterday and went through to today at 4pm
What a wonderful way to spend the day. We ran into friends from past shows and made new ones.  There were demonstrations.  One from our friends at Blossom Hill Nursery on Propagating Peonies. Very informative.
Many, many vendors selling garden related wares were available to entice your pocketbook.  I left with a few less dollars and a few more orchids, a jar of honey and maple syrup.

Canadian Peony Society Booth
Information pamphlets and seeds for sale
Showing how to divide a root
Judi did a wonderful job setting up the booth.  With the help of some members Mary Ellen Simmerson, Doreen & Teddy Kelsey (insert name if I missed you) managed the show for the two days.

Hundreds of visitors to the show and many stopped by to ask how to divide their peony to give to the children for there homes.   Are peonies deer resistant, chipmunk resistant?   How many colours are there?  Do you really need ants to make them bloom?

If you have a day to volunteer at a booth you should sign up.  It really is a great way to learn about peonies and meet people who are interested in this wonderful plant.