Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ontario Region Peony Show

Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens
8th Annual
June 16 & 17, 2012

Canadian Peony Society

Ontario Region Peony Show

Show Schedule

Open to the Public
All entries are welcome!
155 Arena Street
For info, call 905.263.4765
Email:  Judi Denny

Join in the Festivities
of the
Peony Festival
·       Visit the Gardens
·       Free Admission
·       Peony Flower Show
·       Peony Advice
·       Artisans in the Garden
·       Silent Auction
·       Food from local restaurants

Peony Show

Show will be held in the Children’s Arena
155 Arena, St. Oshawa

(see the Show Schedule below)
Enter as many peonies as you like to make this a spectacular once a year event

Entries accepted

Friday, June 15, 3:00 to 6:00 pm
Saturday, June 16, 7:00 – 9:00 am
Show will be judged
 9:00 to 11:00 am

Show open to the public for viewing
11:00 am to 4:00 pm Sat.
10:00 am to 3:00 pm Sun.

1.    The show is open to any member of general gardening public.
2.    All entries must be in place by 9:00 am Saturday, June 16th, 2012.  (See    front of flyer for entry times & place).
3.    Containers for entries will be provided.  
4.  In each class you may place any number of different cultivars.
5.    Each entry must have an entry tag, giving your name & address or phone number. Entry tags will be supplied by CPS or you may provide your own.
6.    All plant material must be grown by the Exhibitor. For this Show, please show Peonies with stems 12-14” with the top leaves only. Special Exhibits are excepted
7.    The decision of the Judges shall be final. The Judges may withhold an award if, in their opinion, the exhibit is not worthy.
8.    Ribbons will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. A “Best In Show” ribbon will also be awarded.
9.   The Canadian Peony Society, the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens and the City of Oshawa assume no responsibility for loss or damage.
10. To read about cutting and storing Peony flowers, go to the Canadian Peony Society’s website & click on Articles:

1.   Peony, single, red, 1 bloom
2.   Peony, single, dark red, 1 bloom
3.   Peony, single, white, 1 bloom
4.   Peony, single, light pink, 1 bloom
5.   Peony, single, med. pink, 1 bloom
6.   Peony, single, dark pink, 1 bloom
7.   Peony, single, any other colour,1 bloom
8.   Peony, single, any colour, same variety, one container, 3 blooms

9.   Peony, D/SD, red, 1 bloom
10. Peony, D/SD, dark red, 1 bloom
11. Peony, D/SD, rosy red, 1 bloom
12. Peony, D/SD, white, 1 bloom
13. Peony, D/SD, light pink, 1 bloom
14. Peony, D/SD, med pink, 1 bloom
15. Peony, D/SD , dark pink, 1 bloom
16. Peony, D/SD, red, same variety,one container, 3 blooms
17. Peony, D/SD, white, same variety,one container, 3 blooms
18. Peony, D/SD, pink, same variety,one container, 3 blooms

19. Peony, Japanese or Anemone,red, 1 bloom
20. Peony, Japanese or Anemone,white, 1 bloom
21. Peony, Japanese or Anemone,pink, 1 bloom
22. Peony, Japanese or Anemone,any colour, same variety, one container, 3 blooms

23. Peony, Intersectional (Itoh hybrid), yellow, 1 bloom
24. Peony, Intersectional (Itoh hybrid), any other colour, 1 bloom

25. Tree Peony, single, any colour,1 bloom
26. Tree Peony, double or semi-double, any colour, 1 bloom


Displays are exhibited for artistic effect as well as cultural perfection. Peony foliage is allowed and size of stem is up to exhibitor.
Different types/varieties can be used.
Container(s) of choice.        

27. Display of 3 white peony blooms          
28. Display of 3 pink peony blooms          
29. Display of 3 red peony blooms          
30.  Display of 3 peony blooms,any other colour
31. Display of 1 peony bloom,any colour
32. Display of 3 peony blooms,different colours
33. Display of 5 peony blooms, any colour(s)

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