Wednesday, May 13, 2015

President's Message

by David Maltby

Preparations are proceeding smoothly for our national show and AGM at Ottawa on June 6th & 7th and the regional and provincial shows at  St-Hyacinthe, Oshawa, Regina and for the first time,
Castlegar In June, I will be welcoming Tom Harris to assume the responsibilities of President. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of the CPS who contribute to making the Canadian Peony Society a success. First and foremost are the members of our Board of Directors and
those in our Society who have assumed positions of responsibility including Marvin Belfour as Treasurer, Blaine Marchand as Newspaper Editor, Reiner Jakubowski as Membership Secretary, Margaret Sequiera as Blog and Root Sale Coordinator, and Bill Wegman as our Seed Chair. In addition, there are the volunteers who translate Paeonia Nordica and proofread the articles. The Canadian Peony Society functions by the contributions of many.
The Board has undertaken a number of initiatives including revising and updating our Constitution and Bylaws. The CPS website is being overhauled, revamped and updated. The design division of our Show appears to be becoming an integral part of our peony show. As always, the review of the ways to cultivate and develop interest in peonies and our society is an ongoing project and was supported by the strategic review undertaken by the Board a few years ago. All of these projects are ongoing
and the result of the work by the Board members and others to have them come to fruition.
Again, I recommend and encourage everyone to participate in the local and the national shows. It is
wonderful opportunity to meet other peony growers and enthusiasts from across the country. I encourage everyone to take the time and participate. I repeat the concluding remarks from my
February 2015 message, which is I look forward to seeing you in Ottawa. 􀀀

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