Thursday, September 4, 2014

Castlegar Peony Show 2015

Pacific Region Report to Canadian Peony Society  August 24, 2014

The Pacific Region co-directors have been working with a small team at the organization of the Castlegar Peony Show 2015.  To date we have confirmed the following: :
Venue: Sandman Hotel, Castlegar, BC, telephone 250-365-8444 Rate code  229492  for attendees to receive reduced room rate.  Dates: June 27-28, entries will be accepted on the 26th and 27th, judging on the 27th.  Chief Judges: Carol & Jim  Adelman, Adelman Peony Paradise, Salem, OR.  Confirmed a caterer, luncheon date/time, and presentation by Carol Adelman
Catered luncheon June 27, noon, ,followed by a peony power point presentation by Carol Adelman, such activities to be located at a different venue within walking distance of the hotel.  We will accept requests for luncheon/presentation tickets until such time as they are available closer to show time. $20.00 Canadian each We are enthusiastically requesting entries from one and all across the country. Our local area has never had a peony show, so we are asking them to do something new! Wish us luck and good fortune.
Shipping and receiving of peony entries from outside the area:
Shipments will be received by :  Darlene Kalawsky, Kalawsky GM, 1700 Columbia Ave, Castlegar, BC. V1N 2W4, 250-365-2155
Such shipments must arrive on the Thursday June 25 or Friday June 26, or we will not be able to enter the buds. An individual volunteer will be assigned to each shipment to ensure that all entries are treated with due respect and professionalism. Each shipment will treated with due respect and peonies entered for competition by a volunteer.
Recommended shippers:   Greyhound from BC  (not Vancouver Island) and Alberta addresses.  All other entries should use Xpress Post( not Priority as we are too small a city to have that service),  Air Canada Air Freight and/or  Fedex.  We will be updating the CPS website with information about shipping and receiving of entries from outside the area.  
Questions: please email Adriana Work at, or Holly Pender-Love at
Please note: all other information about this show will be posted at as it becomes available, such as the show schedule, information for entrants, etc.

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