Thursday, November 14, 2013

Report from the American Peony Society

     Fall is officially here, the time of year to dig, divide, share, and plant. I know a number of APS members are preparing ground for their new peonies, which they won bids on at the APS auction at Longwood Garden. I have two waiting for my attention

     This summer APS members contributed generously to the growth and improvement of a public garden.  Spearheaded by APS Director, Adriana Feng, members donated over 40 peony varieties to the JC Raulston Arboretum located in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Mark Weathington, the assistant director/curator at the Arboretum, and Adriana carried out discussion, which resulted in the request for donations focusing on APS Gold Medal winners, Award of Landscape Merit winners, and Itoh Hybrids. Projects of this nature place more peonies into the public view in order to educate and encourage gardeners to plant better landscaping peonies.  I would like to thank those who donated: Don Hollingsworth, Adelman Peony Gardens, Jim and Lore Sampson of Rarity Gardens, and Adriana Feng.
     As I write this article I have been busy preparing forthe APS Fall Auction. This year, we have 47 peonies up for grabs, including some very desirable plants, such as the newly registered ‘William E.B. Du Bois’ (Peter Waltz 2013), the beautiful suffruticosa ‘Ambrose Congreve’ (Smither 1994) and the quite rare ‘Noémie Demay (Calot 1867). APS members have a great opportunity to latch onto some wonderful plants this year. I would like to recognize those making donations this year: Adelman Peony Garden, Adriana Feng, David and Linette Sorrentino, Song Sparrow Farm, Fina Gardens, Gold City Garden, Hollingsworth Peonies, Tim Stanek, and Eleanor Tickner.

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