Sunday, December 31, 2006

Marvin Joslin

Marvin Joslin of Stony Plain, Alberta, passed away December 31, 2006.  He was a CPS member and although he is best known for his involvement with lilies, he propagated peonies at Parkland Perennials and more recently operated Estate Perennials. 
Jean Ericksen
`Jean Ericksen`
This peony was selected and registered by Marvin Joslin, formerly of Parkland Perennials (now Estate Perennials) in 1999, to honor its originator.  This midseason Japanese cultivar has strong 38" stems and is floriferous and vigorous, developing silver-tipped staminodes with age.  Mrs. Jean Ericksen farmed with her husband at Wauchope, SK, and became internationally famous for her lily breeding.  She tried breeding many other flowers, including peonies. This seedling was given away to Parkland Perennials when it was still tiny, in the hope that it would prove valuable because of its prolific blooming parent, also an un-named seedling which she obtained from a penpal in Ontario.

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