Monday, February 21, 2005

"Red Charm" - Floral Emblem

by Rock Giguére

A town choosing a peony as their floral emblem is not a common occurrence.  However, that is exactly what the Ville de Saint-des-Desmaures, a suburb of Québec City, did!

In 2004, under the direction of Robert Peticlerc, the Embellishment Committee of this city of about 16,000 inhabitants took a number of steps to make this initiative a reality.  An important step was to ensure that the townspeople had access to a local supply of 'Red Charm'.

The committee met with three local garden centres to organize supplying the citizens, local businesses and the city.  The representatives of the garden centres happily participated in the project; they saw in their participation a good opportunity for publicity and a new market.  This coming spring, the local newspapers will inform citizens of the new floral emblem and where they can purchase their own future spring star.

Mr. Lyman Glasscock, the Chicago mason who created this hybrid in 1944, was far from thinking that his famous creation would become the idol of a whole city.  Per Mr. Peticlerc, "it's excellent stand, its prolonged flowering period and its exceptional beauty, convinced us to adopt this peony as our emblem."  Long life to this wonderful project!

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